Friday, 9 December 2011

Lakaran muka teman lelaki dari masa depan, gegadis Rusia (10 gambar)

Ini mungkin pelik tetapi benar-benar terjadi. Di Russia, terdapat sekumpulan wanita muda dan masih single yang mencari teman lelaki mengikut  ciri-ciri yang mereka idamkan. Mereka mempunyai sebab-sebab tersendiri kenapa itu-ini dan yang penting mereka juga mempunyai lukisan sketch lelaki idaman masing-masing. Sila klik tajuk post dan lihat keinginan ciri-ciri teman lelaki mereka yang datang dari masa depan.

Alisa Marushchak, 20.
‘There are almost no available men where I live. Even in high school there were 25 girls but just 5 boys. Then I entered university where I met a nice guy from Zimbabwe. We were going to get married, and I even bought a ticket to Zimbabwe, but a war broke out in his country so I didn’t go.’ Alisa’s ideal man is pictured in the above sketch. He would be between 27-33 years old and be a man of character and solid morals. A perfect scenario would be a Russian man with some American character traits. She thinks that Russian men are spoiled and do not appreciate the beauty of Russian girls. Besides, she believes they demand too much from a woman. They think a wife should look good, take care of the children, go to work and do housekeeping, but what do women get in return? Nothing.

Svetlana Vinogradova, 20.
‘There are not very many decent men here and most of them are already married. The few single men are mostly uneducated or alcoholics. While I do believe in fate and luck, so far all I’ve met are spoiled, lazy and controlling men.’

Elena Isakova, 43.
‘Most single women are decent where I live, unlike the men. I have ten girlfriends and just one of them is married. However, she does not have a happy marriage. Many of my friends want to get married to a foreigner. One of my friends went all the way to Japan for a boyfriend but they eventually broke up and she came back.’

Irina Nikonova, 34.
‘A good man is an endangered species nowadays. Most Russian men are spoiled and expect everything for free. No matter what kind of man he is, he thinks of himself as some kind of prince. They say that when God created man, he realized that he’d made a mistake and then created a woman. I agree with that 100 percent.’

Tatyana Pyankova, 34.
‘There is no fire in men’s eyes anymore. I used to date foreign men, but it became a hopeless situation. There were too many other women like me and not enough foreign men to go around.’

Valentina Machikina, 21.
‘Where I live the choice of men is dismal. I don’t want to take care of my husband; I want him to take care of me! Most men living in Novgorod (Russia) are spoiled. In Saint Petersburg, for example, they are different. Most of them are kind, attentive… real gentlemen.’

Janna Karlina, 20.
‘I don’t like uneducated guys with bad manners. I’m still single but I don’t give up. I keep working on myself and hope to meet a good guy one day.’

Polina Zimina, 22.
‘Women put too much pressure on their men, thus making them weak and irresponsible. As for me, my dream is to live in a really big city, like New York City.’

Vika Efimova, 32.
‘I have a child, which makes it even more difficult for me to find the right man. But I will never give up! I ride my bicycle a lot and love to swim in the pool. I also go hunting from time to time which I am very proud of.’


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