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Fashion : 2011 Best Dressed List by (20 gambar)

Berikut merupakan pakaian terbaik sepanjang tahun 2011 yang telah dipamerkan oleh akhbar online Enjoy the pictures and details. Klik tajuk post untuk entry penuh.

  • "Yasmin le Bon is the epitome of pared back chic. With nearly 30 years of modelling under her belt, the mother of three always looks effortlessly glamorous whether she's on the runway for Chanel, in the recent David Morris campaign or just walking the dogs in the park with her Duran Duran husband". Sophie de Rosée, fashion features associate,Telegraph Magazine.


"What I like best are her heavy eyebrows and her messy hair but the Russian supermodel also has a way with an outfit. Whether she's in couture at the Met Ball, sexy Tom Ford at a store opening or shorts and a pair of biker boots in her other job as a mother of three, she's always a billion dollar babe". Kate Finnigan, style director, Stella.


"Zoe Saldana belongs to that breed of infuriatingly immaculate women who can make a simple white T-shirt look like the chicest thing in the world. What's also compelling about Saldana is her love of colour: yellow; hot pink; green sequin - she throws it all on, and always looks like an absolute dream". Olivia Bergin, assistant online fashion editor.

"You might argue that over the knee snakeskin lace up boots are going a bit far for an every day look, but for showing that classics needn't be dull and 57 isn't a barrier to anything, they don't come much more convincing than Roitfeld," Lisa Armstrong, fashion editor, The Daily Telegraph.


"Emma Stone is a style chameleon who looks just as good in jeans and a blazer as she does in an embellished Emilio Pucci number on the red carpet. Known for being a redhead, she is in fact a natural blonde proving that there is no look this girl can't pull off". Sophie de Rosée, fashion features associate,Telegraph Magazine.


"She may have only just made her red carpet debut, but what an impression The Girl WIth The Dragon Tattoo actress Rooney Mara has already made. Her striking model looks, alabaster complexion and elfin frame all add polish to the finished article, but make no mistake - this girl knows how to dress. Bring on award season!" Belinda White, online fashion editor.

"Aah, the Duchess of Cambridge. She may play it safe, but no one has shifted more cream Reiss dresses, navy Zara jackets or LK Bennett court shoes - or elicited a greater collective sigh of happiness by getting into that Aston Martin wearing that wedding dress. The fashion world would like to see her take more risks, but that's not the task she's set herself. She's dressing to please the masses, her husband and to represent her country in an appropriate, relevant, recession-conscious and pleasing way (not necessarily in that order). And you'd have to be very churlish not to agree that she's succeeding". Lisa Armstrong, fashion editor, The Daily Telegraph.


"Moss has reaped the benefits of red lipstick this year, and refreshed her wardrobe in accordance, be it for a grungy, beautiful bad-girl look (at The British Fashion Awards) or showing how her killer legs are still intact in thigh-high minis. And when the world's most famous supermodel finally tied the knot, we weren't disappointed: her John Galliano wedding gown will go down as one of the all-time greats". Olivia Bergin, assistant online fashion editor.


"American actress Hailee Steinfeld is the teen queen of fashion. Aside from her Bafta and Oscar nominations, the fresh-faced 15-year-old can add Miu Miu muse to her list of achievements. Miuccia picked her to be the face of the A/W11 campaign, shot by Bruce Weber. Red carpet outfits also include Calvin Klein, Prada, Chanel and 3.1 Phillip Lim, putting this demure girl streets ahead of her classmates." Sophie de Rosée, fashion features associate, Telegraph Magazine.


"In a sea of stylish 'Kates', Miss Bosworth has the edge as the girl who has got both the red carpet and the whole off-duty thing licked. Her nonchalent style - so perfectly put together without ever really looking like she's tried - spawns copy-Kats all over the world desperate to get her look." Belinda White, online fashion editor.


"First and foremost, Andrea Riseborough is a brilliant actress and I don't care what she looks like. But as the star of the most hyped film of next year, WE (is it really not out yet?), she's had to put in a lot of red carpet footfall and has done so with class and daring. She's pulled off Dolce and Gabbana green sequins, Roksanda Ilincic acid yellow and Christian Dior tulle and never looked anything less than flawless. A great British style ambassador". Kate Finnigan, style director, Stella.


"She used to look as though a random selection of stylists had plonked her in a selection of the world's most expensive clothes, but these days she has developed a distinctive Keira style: elegant, classic but always youthful and contemporary and never boring," Lisa Armstrong, fashion editor, The Daily Telegraph.


"Gwynnie can do super sexy, high heels, short skirt, low cleavage and still manage to look wholesome, somehow. I loved her at the Bambi Awards in November in heremerald green Elie Saab. It was pure movie star magic - not at all vulgar". Tamsin Blanchard, style director, Telegraph Magazine.


"Rihanna has her style ups and downs, but what I love about her is she's a true chameleon. She's the only girl on ths list who could look matchless in both the dramatic and elegant sweeping lace Stella McCartney gown she wore to the Met Ball, and in the tartan McQ prom dress, ripped stockings and brothel creepers she wore to perform on the X Factor. Rihanna may have a colourful wardrobe, but she's no clotheshorse". Belinda White, online fashion editor.


"Tilda has such a strong sense of who she is - and such great bone structure - that she could wear a bin bag and look great. But she has impeccable taste too and can wear a mean tuxedo or a more feminine little Lanvin number and always be a winner on the red carpet". Tamsin Blanchard, style director, Telegraph Magazine.


"Stella has a rare gift which means she gets better with age. She has really grown into herself and knows her own style really well. She always looks great in a tuxedo and has those lean yoga-toned limbs. And she has four children. Amazing!" Tamsin Blanchard, style director, Telegraph Magazine.


"For girls who aren't so good at perfection, there will always be the Olsen twins. Their eclectic wardrobes may come from the world's most expensive boutiques - and their own labels of course - but they have a way of making everything they wear look vintage. Of course, the dishevelled hair and oversized bags just distract from the fact that these girls really know how to put a look together. Don't believe me? Ask Anna Wintour who put them top of US Vogue's 2011 best dressed list. You can't argue with that." Belinda White, online fashion editor.


"Here's a girl who looks like she has such a hoot getting dressed for the red carpet - something she glides down more frequently than we have hot dinners. At 14 Moretz could be dressing like someone three times her age, but well-chosen minidresses, be they Stella McCartney or Emilio Pucci, have elevated her into the grown-ups' best-dressed league." Olivia Bergin, assistant online fashion editor.

"In a business seemingly dominated by Gaga-esque freaks and Rihanna's lap-dancer looks, Welch has a unique aesthetic without looking too laboured or freaky. Watching her evolution from bat-lady to hippy-vamp is great spectator sport. Plus she can wear a big brand (Chanel, Mulberry, and in this picture, Alexander McQueen) and make it her own. Next stop: a L'Oreal hair contract? She's worth it," Lisa Armstrong, fashion editor, The Daily Telegraph.


"Double denim, flats with minis, duffel coats… Alexa Chung turns all the don'ts into do's. This year her signature look (Belgravia Toddler, I call it: Peter Pan collars, loafers, lots of velvet, loafers, mummy's handbag) has morphed into head-to-toe designer label worship, which I feel a little sad about. But still, she rarely takes a sartorial step wrong. She's the nearest thing to a French woman that we've got". Kate Finnigan, style director, Stella.


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